Long Tail Pro is easily the best keyword research tool on the internet today. They offer a keyword generator, a tool for checking the competitiveness of keywords, a tool for Rank Tracking, and much more! The only drawback to Long Tail Pro? Its not free, but you can get a 7 day free trial membership that will allow you to check it out.

Long Tail Pro uses their tool for researching keywords to help you with a lot of things including the number of ways to find out what keyword combinations are most effective. You can find out how many people use that keyword, how many searches they have performed for that keyword, how popular that keyword is, and so on. They even offer you a list of the top searched terms for each keyword.

The long tail keyword generator is also a good tool to use. The keyword generator that allows you to input some basic information about your site (such as, name, domain name, URL, etc.) and they’ll give you a list of keywords that would be most effective to target on your site.

Another helpful feature of the Keyphrase Research Tool for Google is their keyword checker. Once you have chosen the keywords that you are going to use, you can enter the name of the keyword, and in the search box type a word or phrase that might be related to the keyword you chose. For example, if you entered the term “cheap furniture” into the search box, you might see that the most relevant results were relevant to the words and phrases you entered (e.g., cheap furniture). This makes it much easier to find relevant keywords, so you don’t waste time and effort looking for keywords you won’t be using on your site.

The keyword generator also provides you with several other features. The first one is the “Keyword Tool” which gives you statistics on the search volume for each keyword over the past month. This is particularly useful if you’re building a new website. It also gives you the keyword density statistics to give you a more accurate idea of what keywords are most searched for by searchers.

All website owners surely want to gain free traffic from top search engines. But in order to do that, your site must have a high ranking which is not an easy thing to do given the millions of blogs and sites out there, gaining organic traffic is challenging. But there is an easier and faster way to do it using Long Tail Pro, a helpful tool for your website to gain higher ranking.

What is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that helps you quickly and easily find low competition keywords for your website. By finding and using the right keywords, you have a high chance of outranking other websites in various search engines. Ranking matters if you want to gain traffic, leads and eventually sales.

This keyword generator tool is especially designed for people doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) who want to gain organic traffic to their website by having a high ranking on search engines like Google and Bing.

Other than quickly finding profitable niche keywords, you can also get keyword suggestions in bulk. It also shows you the monthly search volume of the keyword, advertiser bid, number of words, rank value and keyword competitiveness.

Who is the Creator of Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is a product of Spencer Haws who has tried out all kinds of different online business ideas like, creating niche websites, buying and selling websites, running a software company and selling physical products through Amazon FBA. He is a full-time online entrepreneur since 2011 and owns dozens of niche websites.

He later on sold the keyword generator way back 2016 but still uses the product which is constantly updated and improved after the sale.

How to Use Long Tail Pro?

Save time and get better rankings by using this effective tool. All you have to do is set up your account, download the file and install it into your hard drive. Before, the license allows you to install Long Tail Pro on up to 3 computers, following the instructions sent to you via email once you sign-up. But it was recently updated converting this smart tool web based, making it convenient to use.

Open the tool and conduct keyword research. Just fill out the necessary details. To find the keyword suggestions, put the seed keyword, you can even choose the country you want the keywords to be scraped from. Suggestions can be filtered according to three options: Monthly Searches, Suggested Bid and Advertiser Competition. Give the tool a few minutes for the keywords. Then, you will be provided with long tail keyword ideas.


1. Getting keyword suggestions in bulk.

2. Finding low competition keywords that can get you better ranking in Google.

3. You can determine keyword profitability with rank value.

4. Easy to use and find keywords that pass the keyword criteria of low competition, high search volume and potentially high conversion rate.

5. They have chat and email support for your inquiries.

6. From needing to install it on your computer to being web based! An upgrade for a faster and easier use.

7. You can choose between a monthly or annual plan. Choose what is best for you.

8. It has helped a lot of digital marketers.

9. You can export your ranking tracking graph and show it to your boss or clients.


1. The rank tracking feature is not unlimited. You will have to pay more for tracking more keywords.

2. Needs constant internet connection as it is web-based.

3. Sometimes display uneven text and URLs in the competitor analysis.


There are millions of keywords out there and you need to find the best in order to rank better. This is what Long Tail Pro can help you with. It narrows down the keywords you can use in order to take advantage of the free traffic a search engine can provide. You cannot just choose any keyword, to properly optimized your website for higher ranking, there are criteria that must be followed, and this smart tool can help you achieve it step-by-step.

Converting traffic into sales is probably one of the primary reasons why you need to optimize your website because better ranking means higher traffic without the need to pay for expensive ads. With Long Tail Pro, a tool considered to be the best in what it does, you can save time and get better rankings by choosing the right profitable keyword.

Better rankings in search engines mean better traffic to your website which can convert into sales and business growth. But this can be challenging because of the various criteria and page ranking guidelines that you need to follow, good thing Long Tail Pro exists, a keyword generator that helps you find the right keyword to gain better ranking in search engines.

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